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Why Atana

Are you tired of different applications, websites, and social media pages to find other single parents? Are you looking for an interactive and effective platform to connect the single parents’ community? So, Atana is the best platform for you.

Atana uses the power of artificial intelligence to connect single parents all over the world. It offers a consolidated platform that lets users connect, ask for professional advice, and get the support and insight they need to deal with their day-to-day challenges.

Being a single parent is hard work. You’ve got twice the responsibilities, twice the chores, twice the stress, and twice the pride and unconditional love of raising a happy, healthy kid. As rewarding as solo parenting is, it can get a little lonely too. Atana offers help to you as many experts are always available to listen to others’ worries and provide them with the best advice to solve their problems. In addition, single parents can share their stories, experiences, and issues with each other. Atana could help them relax by making new connections and find like-minded people.